Learn the Goods Before You Play

Aberdeen Country Club

Aberdeen Country Club Looking for a unique golfing experience in the Myrtle Beach area? Aberdeen Country Club may just be the gem of golf courses for you. Surrounded by an air of Scottish tradition, Aberdeen is divided into 3 nine hole courses: the Woodlands, the Meadows, and the Highlands. The names of these nine hole courses represent the timeless Scottish land features. Each course shines with its own uniqueness and diversity and each one caters to a different kind of golfer.

The Meadows opening hole is tricky and deceiving. Its daring and too-good-to-be-true 300 yard length requires great confidence. Most of the Meadows holes are wider with the exception of this first hole which is short and narrow in relation to the others.

Aberdeen is one of the most scenic courses in the area and it may be because of the large amount of water incorporated into the Highlands course. The highlands fifth hole has water on both sides, while the Highlands ninth intersects a swamp. Dubbed the hardest hole on the grand strand, there is also little room for error on the Highlands ninth due to the tight trees surrounding the area. Challenge seekers will love this hole because a great deal of patience and thought are required to remain on the green and not in the trees or swamp.

Of all the courses, the Woodlands' nine is the players' favorite. It plays along the Waccamaw River and the beautiful accompanying natural wetlands. Residential homes are out of sight. The Woodlands course itself is full of this kind of scenery, with woods and wetlands on pretty much every hole. The trickiest hole on the Woodlands, the ninth par-5, has water hidden on the far right side of the fairway and a very tight landing zone. Don't let your ball get swallowed by this unseen danger zone.

The greatest thing about Aberdeen is that each hole is different from another. This great deal of variation keeps you guessing and keeps you in the game. Also, because of the great variety, skilled players face a challenge and average players still feel as though they can compete.